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In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default in Burien

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In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default in Burien

Most established financial institutions tend to turn down auto loan applications from people with credit default, but this should not get you down because there is hope for you at Car Club Inc. We at Car Club Inc. have our own auto-finance department, so we do not have to seek approval from any other financial institution in order to offer you an auto loan after credit default. Therefore, you can easily get In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default in Burien when you come to Car Club Inc.

Flexible In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default

Another benefit that you get with our in-house auto loans is greater flexibility. The fact that we at Car Club Inc. are the final word as concerns the terms of the auto loan is a plus for you because it gives you the opportunity to negotiate with us for customized auto loan terms, e.g. you can come and negotiate for a lower down payment if you do not have the entire down payment required.

You can also negotiate for a longer payment schedule than the one quoted on our In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default in Burien. A longer payment schedule is sure to make the monthly installments much more affordable for you. You can also negotiate the payment terms, e.g. you can ask to be making weekly or bi-weekly payments if you get paid more than once in a month. You can also ask to be allowed to make lump sum payments when you can.

Applying for In-House Auto Loans after Default in Burien

It is also quicker to apply for our In-House Auto Loans after Credit Default in Burien than it is to apply for auto loans from other auto loan providers. This is because your auto loan application does not have to be submitted to other institutions for credit approval. When you come with all the necessary requirements, we can process the auto loan for you in a matter of minutes. You need to come with the estimated down payment amount as well as documents that can serve as proof of employment, proof of residence, and proof of identity. You also need to have purchased auto insurance when you come to apply for the auto loan.

When you come, our auto finance officers first assess your financial capability and offer recommendations of cars that they feel you can comfortably afford. When you make your choice, what follows is paying the down payment and any acquisition fees, and then signing the necessary documents. After that, we allow you to drive off in your newly acquired car.

Visit Car Club Inc. today at 14415 1st Ave. South, Burien, WA 98168 to apply for these in-house auto loans after credit default. You can also call us at 888-626-1647 if you have any questions. Car Club Inc. is proud to serve the people of Burien with in-house auto loans after credit default.

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